No matter where you are in life, No matter the level of mistakes, you can start again!

– D.C. Jones | Founder

For the next few moments I would like to ask three general questions. Just to start off clear and concise I will only ask the first, second and third question and finish with the four question after the previous are answered.

Question number one:
Do you believe the Bible is true?

There are over a hundred prophecies in the Old Testament that predict events that would happen and have happened throughout history. Often we view the Bible as a book of made up tales written by men creating a new religion. Many educational institutions such as colleges, convey the scriptures in this way towards students. Every form of modern entertainment (movies, music, etc.) talk about the Bible as a myth. But if you really open the Bible up and read through the pages without bias, read through and compare with history you will find out that this collection of writings by men inspired by the Most High is 100% accurate.

Question number two:
Do you believe that Jesus Christ existed?

Question number three:
Do you believe you will go to heaven?

Many of us can answer these general questions very quickly in our minds. Most people do not take a second glance at the thought of these questions but today I challenge you to consider facts.

The purpose of this is not to offend, although it may please understand that’s is not the indefinite motive or intent. The purpose of this is to walk with you through whatever life obstacle you may be facing and help you realize that your help is near.

The word Repentance is commonly spoken of worldwide. However the understanding thereof is often misunderstood.