Renewed Remnant is an assembly of people who believe in following the Truth of life. We are a chosen generation who have devoted our lives to the almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, the Most High of our fathers (Abraham, Issac, & Jacob).

Hear O’ Israel! YAHUAH is One!

Our purpose is to teach the uncompromising Word of YAH according to the Prophets (Old Testament) and Apostles (New Testament).

Since 2017, Renewed Remnant & D.C. Jones Ministries has set our eyes on accomplishing the missions that the Most High YAHUAH has called us to. Below are the callings we believe the Most High has on our ministry:

Mission Statement

-Preparing believers, both Israelite and non-Israel, for the events of the Great Tribulation and the last years of this age.

-Providing prophetic insight and understanding concerning the return of Yahusha the Messiah (Jesus Christ) to the Earth.

-Teaching the Torah and strengthening our faith in and obedience to the Alahym (great power) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. YAHUAH is the Greatest.

-Presenting Messiah Yahusha as the King of Israel and ourselves as His chosen generation.

-Encouraging all believers in the observance of Sabbath and the Biblical festivals.

We observe the Sabbath, the Feast Days (as outlined in Leviticus 23rd chapter), and the Dietary Law (as outlined in Leviticus 11th chapter). We teach and observe the Torah, which holds the Ten Commandments. We follow the Torah by the Favor (grace) of YAHUAH our father and learn through our Messiah Yahusha our King.

Our Ministry assembles under the leadership of Moreh Danyyahu (Prophet D.C. JONES)


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